Gana Pati Ojha

Evaluation makes a difference in the livelihoods of people by enhancing development effectiveness, improving governance and contributing to building trust among the development actors. This change, however, is true only when there is a high-quality evaluation. The high-quality evaluation depends largely on what tools, methods, quality assurance mechanisms are used and analysis made but much more largely on how these are done differently—the process and approach. I believe in synergy created by right use of appropriate tools that leads to quality evaluation. I do use these tools in evaluation as per the need of the context.


University of thee Philippines, Los Banos

June 1996—October 1999
PhD, Extension education and Development management

University of Maryland, College Park

July 1983—August 1985
MS, Agricultural and extension education

Haryana Agricultural University, Hissar, India

May 1970—April 1975
BS, Agricultural sciences

President, Community of Evaluators-South Asia(CoE-South Asia)
Executive Board,Community of Evaluators-Nepl(CoE-N)

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