Gana Pati Ojha

Team leader, UNDP Afghanistan

December 2014—January 2015

Mid-term evaluation of Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality Project-II (GEP-II). GEP-II is a collaborative project between the government of Afghanistan and UNDP Afghanistan for mainstreaming gender for improving the social and economic status of vulnerable Afghan women and girls focusing mainly on policy review and support, economic empowerment of women and justice and human rights. It is a three year project supported by multi donors. Tasks included in this project are (1) assessment of internal processes including strategy, governance, and progress against expected results, and synergy analysis, and (2) review theory of change, project achievement, and prevailing gender equality issues in the context of Afghanistan and make recommendations for improvement of the current project as well as for future gender programming. Assessment is done using the evaluation criteria. Task included formation of interdisciplinary team, team orientation, performance assessment of team members, evaluation design, preparation of inception report, primary and secondary quantitative and qualitative data collection, preparation of data collection tools, document review, field visit, consultation, draft report preparation, debriefing with UNDP and donors, final report preparation and sharing.