Gana Pati Ojha

Team Leader, NARMA Consultancy, Nepal

September-October, 2013

Identification of areas of Project for Agriculture Commercialization and Trade (PACT) assistance to regional directorates and district agriculture development offices (DADOs) and the District Livestock Service Offices (DLSOs) of the Ministry of Agriculture Development in order to enhance their capacities to participate in and support PACT’s activities, particularly on agriculture, rural business development and climate change components. Specifically, the study: (1) Assessed the current governance structure and capacity of the regional and district offices under the MoAD and their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges (SWOC) for effectively participating in PACT activities and enhance the impact of the PACT’s matching grant assistance; (2) Developed terms of reference and activities to be carried out by the proposed Project Implementation Support Team at the regional level in order that the linkages and collaborations between the PACT and region and district based MoAD offices could be further strengthened; and (3) Suggested mechanisms to PACT’s assistance to aforementioned agencies based on performance based modality/approach. WB fund.