Gana Pati Ojha

Team leader, NARMA Consultancy, Nepal

July 2017—May 2018

Strategic review of the food security and nutrition programme in Nepal for the government of Nepal with support from the World Food Programme. The overall objective of the strategic review is to enable Nepal to accelerate progress towards eliminating food insecurity and malnutrition in line with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)-2 to “end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promotion of sustainable agriculture. My major tasks: Take the lead role of the assignment; coordinate with all 8 sector experts in the team; take the lead role during advisory committee meetings led by the National Planning Commission of Nepal and other required meetings; prepare and present inception report; guide the thematic consultants to receive the required information in the thematic report; compile the thematic reports from consultants; prepare the preliminary report; participate in the sharing of the preliminary report and prepare draft report; take the lead role in finalizing the report and successfully completing the task; and lead the final high level launching of the report. The report analyses the policies, programmes, projects, institutions, targets and indicators of SDG2. It also assesses the interconnectivity of SDGs including zero poverty, gender equality, water and sanitation, social inclusion, reducing inequality, and provides pathways to achieve 2030 targets of SDG2 that no one is left behind by attaining the benefits of programmes related food security and nutrition paying special attention to vulnerable and disadvantaged groups including the poor, ethnic minorities, women, girls, children, disabled, pregnant and lactating mothers. WFP-fund.