Gana Pati Ojha

International Consultant/ Team Leader, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

September-December 2015

Cluster evaluation of three Food Security related project of FAO: (1) Strengthening the Role of Women in Agriculture Development for Improved Household Food “GCP/AFG/069/GER” (2) Strengthening Policy Development and Coordination for Food and Nutrition Security in Afghanistan “GCP/AFG/075/GER” and (3) Support to Extension Systems, Household Food and Livelihood Security “GCP/AFG/072/LUX”. The evaluation is assessing the overall effectiveness of the capacity development work on country capacities, governance and policies within Food Security and Nutrition; the overall effectiveness of gender responsiveness and empowerment, the quality of the advisory services and coordination mechanisms; the overall contribution of the portfolio to the CPF and the FAO Organizational Outputs; and the overall efficiency and effectiveness of partnership strategies including working with non-state actors. My role is to guide and coordinate the team members in their specific work, discuss their findings, conclusions and recommendations and prepares the final draft and the final report, consolidating the inputs from the team members with my own. As a contribution to the OED Knowledge Management System, I as a team leader am responsible for completing the OED quantitative project performance questionnaire, to be delivered at the same time with the final evaluation report. FAO fund