Gana Pati Ojha

Team Leader and Program Director, NARMA Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu, Nepal

December 2006- March 2007

Review, analysis and profiling of community development projects/programmes practiced in recent 5-years in Nepal for JICA-Nepal in the areas of local development, poverty alleviation, agriculture, forestry, and watersheds management. 37 projects profiled and analysed. Activities included team formation and orientation, team mobilization, monitoring of team performance, collection and review of project documents, selection of projects for study, stakeholder consultations at project and central levels, profiling of projects, case studies of 10 representative projects, report writing and presentation. Funding agencies of the analysed projects included JICA, USAID, CARE, WWF, UNDP, SNV, DfID, GEF, EC, GTZ, IFAD, AusAID, DANIDA, and SDC. The analysis was done on such issues as governance system, capacity building, social inclusion, coordination, complexity, donor type, sustainability, exit strategy, scaling up strategy, transition management, typology of group, access to group, target district and group, field facilitation, recipient body, conflict management, transition management, duration of project and project type.