Gana Pati Ojha

Social and Gender Development Expert, Tajikista, SOFRECO/Asian Development Bank

July-August 2010 and June-August, 2009

Preparing social and gender strategies and facilitating the strategies for implementation in the Rural Development Project executed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Tajikistan government. identification of women’s and men’s social, technical and business needs and opportunities; training project staff and government staff on (i) inclusive development (ii) participatory planning, implementation, and monitoring, (iii) identifying and addressing issues related to gender, ethnic minority, involuntary resettlement, and poverty reduction; assisting prepare information campaign about women’s rights to land and other resources as well as their right to participation and benefit sharing; supported M&E staff in ensuring that appropriate indicators and monitoring mechanisms are included in the M&E system to properly cover the resettlement framework, ethnic minorities, gender action plan, participation plan & the Project’s poverty & social impact. Also reviewed the project governance structure as it relates to social and gender issues. ADB-fund.