Gana Pati Ojha

Senior Researcher, Management System International

July 2014-August 2015 (Intermittent)

Himalaya Region for SERVIR Performance Evaluation: E3 Analytics and Evaluation Project. Management Systems International (MSI) is conducting a performance evaluation of the joint USAID/NASA regional visualization and monitoring system known as SERVIR. The SERVIR program is intended to help government officials, scientists, researchers, students, and the general public by providing them with Earth observations and predictive models based on data from orbiting satellites. This information uses a number of software and data products known as “Science Applications” to facilitate monitoring and decision-making related to air quality, extreme weather, biodiversity, and changes in land cover, and environmental threats such as wildfires, floods, landslides, and harmful algal blooms. My Major task: support the MSI evaluation team in the design phase for the evaluation. This includes: reviewing and commenting on all relevant internal documents, such as the Concept Paper and the Scoping Trip Report; participating in team planning and coordination meetings with MSI and USAID personnel; drafting sections and providing technical guidance for the development of data collection methodologies and other key sections in the Evaluation Design Proposal; and supporting general field logistical preparations.