Gana Pati Ojha

Quality Advisor, LATTANZIO Group , Rome, Italy

May-July 2016

Evaluation of the UN Peace Fund for Nepal (UNPFN). The evaluation covered 29 UNPFN with five following clusters: Cantonment and Reintegration; Elections, Governance and Mediation; Recovery and Quick Impact Projects; security; and rights and reconciliation. My specific responsibilities: Ensuring quality of all final deliverables by undertaking the following activities: Review the background documents; review the approved inception report; provide detailed and comprehensive quality assurance of the draft final report and final report on the basis of the previous steps (inception report, PPT of in-country debriefing after field mission); provide advice on the coherence/consistency of the report from findings to recommendations with a specific focus on the contextual facts in order to verify that the report relies on the context and responds to the actual needs of the client. Funded by UNPFN.