Gana Pati Ojha

International Consultant, Niras Finland Oy

February –July 2016

Evaluation of the program based support through Finnish Civil Society Organizations. The objectives of the evaluation were to provide : (1) independent and objective evidence on the results (outcome, output and impact) of the Civil Society development cooperation programmes receiving programme-based support; (2) evidence on the successes and challenges of the Civil Society development cooperation programmes by assessing the value and merit of the obtained results from the perspective of MFA policy, CSO programme and beneficiary level; (3) evidence on the functioning of results-based management in the organizations receiving programme support; and (4) evidence of the successes and challenges of the programme-support funding modality from the results based management point of view. My tasks: review of documents (MFA policy), contribution to the inception report (evaluation framework) and participation in inception meeting; main responsible for the field evaluation in Nepal for FELM and WWF; contacts with FELM and WWF in Nepal; logistics for field work in Nepal; writing a report of the field work; and comments to the evaluation report. The projects under this evaluation were those related to forestry, agriculture, education, health, mental health and capacity development.