Gana Pati Ojha

Consultant, National Planning Commission, Nepal

April – August 2007

Development of the Three Year Interim Plan (2007-2010) for agriculture and forestry sectors. Activities included review of past Plans; identification of problems, challenges, and opportunities; development of vision, target, objectives, strategies, policies, governance and processes from the rights perspective; projection of yearwise growth rate; development of major activities, results, and outcomes; preparation of logframe; estimate of yearwise budget; development of implementation, monitoring and evaluation policies. Procedure adopted to develop the Plan included stakeholder consultations at district, project and ministerial levels with public, private and civil society organisations; identify areas of inclusion of poor, marginalised and socially excluded; develop model for inclusion of poor and socially excluded; write the agricultural and forestry chapters of the Plan and present to the Steering Committee of the National Planning Commission. Process included facilitation, consultation, field visit, desk review, electronic sharing and analysis and synthesis of expert opinions. Funding support for this work was done by ESP/DFID.