Gana Pati Ojha

Consultant, InSites

December 2013 – January 2014

Internal evaluation of Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research for Adapting Livestock Systems to Climate Change research project. There are four projects in Nepal under this assignment: (1) Improving the Resilience of Mixed Farm Systems to Pending Climate Change in Far Western Nepal; (2) Adaptive Pathways to Climate Change (APaCC): Livestock and Livelihoods Systems in Gandaki River Basin; (3) Adaptation for Climate Change by Livestock Smallholders in Gandaki River Basin; and (4) improving nutrition and productivity of buffaloes to adapt to the impacts of climate change in Nepal. Tasks: data collection through interviews, site visits, and/or other data collection in Nepal related to the above referenced projects in accordance with plans worked out with the project manager and which fit within the allocated time; analyzed and provided a summary qualitative and quantitative of data collected according to expectations provided by the project manager; review evaluation design for future data collection to ensure appropriateness for the local situation in the research projects within the Feed the Future Innovation Lab in Nepal.