Gana Pati Ojha

Trainer, Cooperative Training Center (CTC). Kathmandu (Nepal)

January 1991 – May 1996 Provided cooperative development training, workshops, seminars and conferences for executive, staff and members of cooperative movement in Nepal with special responsibilities for the planning, designing, implementation, coordination, monitoring, performance evaluation, sharing and administration of UNFPA-funded Population Education and Agricultural training. Other responsibilities included needs assessment, curriculum development, training materials preparation, … Read more

Research Scholar, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Philippines

June 1996 – October 1999 Conducted research on partnership between government, non-government and private organizations in extending agricultural technologies to farmers; served as a president of the association of fellows, scholars, trainees and residents of IRRI (AFSTRI) and coordinated with over 100 people of different national (over 25), educational, ethnic, cultural backgrounds; managed programmes and … Read more

Team Leader, International Labour Organization/ CMF/CEAPRED

March 2001 – June 2001 Prepared study design, carried out and supervised survey, analysed data and wrote report about bonded labour in Nepal based on survey findings. Activities included identifying indicators for future monitoring and evaluation of rehabilitation programme for bonded and non-bonded labourers. In addition to the review of legislative and policy background, micro-and … Read more

Consultant, Food and Agriculture Organization

December 2001 – January 2002 Analyzed vulnerability of major livelihoods in Nepal including traditional rural service providers, load carrying people, street children and farm and non-farm labourers for a Food Security Project and provided suggestions for improving livelihoods of vulnerable people.

Advisor, National Planning Commission

July 2002–Sept 2002 Developed partnership and cost sharing model which has been accepted as the partnership model for agriculture sector for the 10th Five Year Plan (2002 – 2007) for livelihoods programmes

Team Leader, United Mission to Nepal

December 2003 – February 2004 Developed methodology, identified team members, orientation training for the team, supervised and monitored survey team, analyzed quantitative and qualitative data, presented findings, identified best practices and incorporated into strategic recommendations, wrote report of the Food Security and Hunger Survey in Nepal for Bread for the World, Germany and published the … Read more

Consultant, NARMA Consultancy, Nepal

May 2006 – June 2006 Institution analysis of Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and its departments with special focus on policies, strategies and implementation plan for human resources development and governance. Special responsibility of analysing and restructuring of Cooperative Department and Cooperative Training Centres including their governance and monitoring and evaluation system. Activities included review … Read more

Consultant (Team leader), Ministry of Local Development, Nepal

May 2008—June 2008 Preparation of a document of synopsis of cases of Decentralized Local Governance Support Programme (DLGSP/UNDP) of the Ministry of Local Development in the areas of social mobilization, capacity building of local bodies, support in policy formulation in local governance and poverty reduction. Identified strengths and weaknesses, identified success cases, made gap assessment, … Read more

Consultant, Instituto de la Calidad

Nov 2009-March 2010 Study on civil society mapping in Asia. The tasks included overview of the modalities of civil society inclusion in EC development cooperation, and of the civil society mapping studies already conducted by the EC and/or other donors and institutions, in the mentioned countries; undertaking a pilot civil society mapping study in Nepal. … Read more