Gana Pati Ojha

Agriculture Development Officer, Gorkha, Syanja (Nepal), Ministry of Agriculture

September 1985- December 1990 and January 1980- July 1983

Provided strategic and technical leadership in the overall governance of integrated agricultural development programmes in Gorkha and Syanja districts including the planning, organizing, directing and monitoring of human, physical and financial resources of the following projects:

  • Resource Conservation and Utilization (USAID: 1980-85)
  • Fertilizer and Related Inputs (FAO: 1981-83)
  • Fresh Vegetable and Vegetable Seed Production (FAO: 1987-90)
  • Joint Nutrition Support Programme (Italy: 1985-87)
  • Hill Food Production Project (World Bank: 1981-88). Major responsibilities:
    • Supervision of programme, staff, finance and administration;
    • Preparation of yearly and detail work plan;
    • Coordination with central and district governments and corporate bodies, civil societies and private sectors as well as funding agencies;
    • Financial control including procurement, tendering, contracting, payment authorization, and arrangement for auditing and accountability to audit objections;
    • Preparation of reports

Supervised construction of infrastructure such as buildings (54), service centers (9), irrigation schemes (6), rural road and trails (70 km), drinking water supply (9), and market centers (2). Provided emergency and relief materials and technical supports for flood affected areas.